Petite Chardonnay · Love · Life · Forgiveness · Healing

Petite Chardonnay (Chardonnay) is a movie about Love, Life, Forgiveness, and Healing. A film by Gerald Martin Davenport inspired to open the hearts and minds of the people of the world to tell the ones they love that they do love them. Our temporal time is short and we must prepare our loved ones and ourselves for the next stage in our existence. An Independent film by caring and passionate filmmakers telling a simple story in an extraordinary way.

Michael Klemp · Gretta Sosine · Charlie Merlo · with Gary L. Conover · and introducing Karly Avva as Chardonnay
Lori Grbac · Rob Tillitz · Cynthia Gatlin · Jacob Ambrosini · Krystina Mae · McKenna Whiting · Nolan Bourassa · C.J. Berdahl · Karissa Lee Carleton · Oliva Martinez Prado · Haley Klemp · Kayla Dowd · Kayla Jagger · Kameron Woods · Adrien Bourassa · Freddie Olmos

Petite Chardonnay
soft cover
By Gerald Martin Davenport