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Oak Family Vineyard & Ranch Estate

Oak Family Vineyard & Ranch Estate

Photo by George Ann Heck © 2012

Oak Family Vineyard & Ranch Estate covers over 71,965 acres in Nevada County in the foothills of the Sierra Nevada's of varying terrain; from steep cliffs to rolling valleys that are covered with Oak, Manzanita, and Pine trees.

We sold our first batch of grapes in 1970, which was only 120 tons, but for us it was huge.

Established in 1965 by Richard James & Cecilia Ann Oak and partnered with Gary Donald & Margaret Elizabeth Hanson, and Samuel George & Agnes Eve-Jean Washington, both the Hanson's and the Washington's are long time family friends of the Oaks.

Oak Family Vineyard & Ranch Estate takes pride in the tradition of family and close friend ownership & participation.  With an uncompromising commitment to quality and taste, our mission is to produce grapes that reflect the distinctive character of the Oak Family Mountain Ranch.  As stewards of this land we farm the vineyard organically, and allow the natural habitat and wild life to flourish.

Passionate about food, people, life, land, liberty, and the meaningful relationships we develop with each passing day.  We hope this passion is evident when you enjoy life.

This is not a real location; it is created for the movies Petite Chardonnay & Chardonnay.

Oak Family Vineyard & Ranch Estate · Nevada County

Petite Chardonnay (2012)

Michael Oak comes home to see his father, Richard Oak, whom he has not seen in over twenty-five years with a surprise — his granddaughter Chardonnay. 55 minutes. Gerald Martin Davenport YES Aria Pictures Doug Hammer Michael Klemp Gretta Sosine Charlie Merlo Gary L. Conover Karly Avva Lori Grbac Duration:
P55M Motion Picture Rating : MPAAA
Family Friendly:
August 4, 2012
Release Date:
August 4, 2012 Petite Chardonnay
Director: Gerald Martin Davenport
Production Company: Aria Pictures
55 min.
Michael Klemp,
Gretta Sosine,
Charlie Merlo
Gary L. Conover
Karly Avva
9.4/10 stars from 66520 users. Reviews: 239